Parson’s Nose (Heritage Farmers & Butchers) 

Bulent’s Islington Honey (the most local available) next week

Pain d’Amis (flavoured baguettes & other freshly baked bread) 

Pao Pickles (kimchi, kraut, sriracha etc etc)  

The Chef and the Shoegirl (jam, chutney, granola, peanut butter & home baking in Stroud Green)  

Islington Honey

Hampstead Cheese Board

Perry Court farm (Kentish fruit, veg & juice)

A taste of the good life (organic eggs, fresh dairy produce and more)

Gurdip’s Punjabi (samosas, bhajis etc, all home made) 

Mollica Bakes (freshly baked sourdough) 

Holy Sugar (cakes, pies and pastries, made in Finsbury park using organic ingredients)

Nourished Bites (with famous organic “sunhini” spread) 


Drinks & Hot Food

Max Fronteras Coffee

Creperie Dellys

Luke’s Cider 2nd Saturday of every month

Parson’s Nose Burgers

Big Doggs Hotdogs


Extra – Curricular

Lovela Designs

Sandra’s Jewelery TBC

Tilly’s Vintage

Back Soon

Shumei Natural Agriculture (organic produce from around the world) 

Hepzi Roe Ceramics 

Mellor’s Brewing (new “nanobrewery” serving pints classic & modern) 4th Saturday of every month

Olea Olives next week

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