Most stallholders come to the market every week but others might rotate, or make the occasional guest appearance. For the lowdown & full list of everyone coming this Saturday please see here.

Perry Court farm

Using a classic rotation system, Martin & Heidi Fermor grow a huge range of fruit & veg on their farm between Ashford & Canterbury. This is some of the best, and best value, produce available in London. At the moment the range of soft fruit includes strawbs, cherries, black & redcurrants, gooseberries, raspberries, blueberries and even apricots.

perry court farm stall
pao pickles - kimchi and kraut

PAO Pickles

Pao Liu makes an innovative vegan kind of Kimchi where the traditional fish sauce is replaced by wakame seaweed. You’ll also find several different flavours of sauerkraut, hot chili sauces, and bottles of fragrant/fizzy water kefir.


Mollica Bakes

Roberto is a North London micro-baker working from his home kitchen to produce bread of the kind of quality that can only really be achieved by hand in very small batches. He can make any kind of bread but specialises in sourdough loaves, baguettes and authentic Italian focaccia.


north london honey

Islington Honey

Bulent and Soner Golbas keep hives in a few different locations, including Soner’s back garden and a tower block off Holloway Rd. The brothers are zealous and masterful beekeepers who use the most natural methods, selling only surplus honey. The flavour is delicious: varied and ever-changing, but always slightly citrussy.

Shumei Natural Agriculture

Japanese charity Shumei seek to live in a world “free of sickness, poverty, and discord”. One of their principle beliefs is in eating food that has been produced naturally, with minimum human intervention and without artificial or animal additives. From their home farm in Wiltshire they bring up fabulous greens and root vegetables, with foreign items such as olive oil sourced from similarly-minded producers around the world.

shumei natural agriculture market stall
chef and the shoegirl stall

The Chef and the Shoegirl

Dino & Nikki make jams and chutneys in small batches, usually no more than 10 jars per batch. The flavour is fruit-driven, rather than sugar-driven, with the fruit being locally sourced and of the best quality. They also produce a fantastic granola and a mouthwatering selection of jam-based cakes and biscuits.


The Parson’s Nose

Old House Farm in Monmouthshire is a rare thing: a mixed livestock farm with an onsite butchery and bakery. They are especially well known in London for their fabulous sausages, but all of their meat is worth trying and the mammoth burgers that they cook up at the stall are irresistible.





parson's nose black pigs
castlemead poultry free range chickens ducks and geese

Castlemead Poultry

At Heywood farm, near Radstock in Somerset, Stuart Perkins rears free range chickens, ducks and geese, selling both eggs and meat. The natural diet and long life of these properly free range birds is reflected in the flavour and texture. You’ll find game at the stall too, when it’s in season.

A Taste of the Good Life

specialising in raw and organic dairy produce, the range of products available at the Good Life stall also includes honey, biodynamic juice, cider vinegar and more. Everything comes from small farms whose practices are humane and environmentally minded.

farmhouse dairy and eggs, raw and organic
cheese shop market stall north london

Hampstead Cheese Board

A wide range of only the highest quality cheeses, sourced from farms and dairies around England and Scotland. Jonny also sells a small but mouthwatering selection of Swiss Mountain cheese.


This page is being updated. To see a list of all upcoming traders have a look here!

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